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Killing Birch af Rannva Saltoft

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Where do you go, when home is the place that scares you the most? This modern-day saga revolves around a brutal murder and offers a story of love and heartbreak, set in a picturesque village on the West Coast of Jutland.

Two childhood friends, Jenny and Birch, are torn apart by a sinister tragedy. Birch is found sitting beside his mother’s corpse by the edge of the ancient Angel Maker Lake. Deeply traumatized and unable to account for his mother’s fate, the boy is disowned by his family.

Twenty years later, the adult Birch is crippled by gory visions and inexplicable dreams. An unexpected visitor forces him to return to the eerie village and face his past. In this narrow community where most people harbor secrets and ancient grudges, the general belief is that Birch is a murderer. But nature has a way of intervening when hearts turn dark and demons are let off their leash.


ISBN-13: 9788793197619
Sideantal: 200
Udgivet: 02-01-2016
Forlag: Candied Crime

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